Beat Haldemann

  • An unexpected Journey


Welcome to my Artroom

Photography in all its facets is my passion. In analysing this topic it was my pursuit to create a new technique I call „Fotofusing“, the intricate merging of two photos into a new artform gains a more abstract impression which still is nevertheless derived from nature. Experience my work here and enjoy the colour and power of expression in these images as a surprising journey.

A journey to imagination


Under the term „Fotofusing“ I understand a digital technique to merge two photographs into a new artform trying to create a tension between the original pictures merely partly recognizable and therefore achieving a more abstract new testimony.

A journey to the roots


Photographs with only a little modification. In many of them the HDR technique was used (High Dynamic Range with 5 frames).

A journey into illusion


Photographs edited and modified to various extents enhancing or putting together specific elements.

A journey into the third dimension

Acrylic 3D-Works

The game of reflexion and refraction in acrylic glass when the viewer moves in front of the picture or sculpture.

When journeys merge


Various numbers of artworks belonging together by representing a specific theme. These series can be Fotofusing-Images or photographic works.